Arts District

The Powerhouse Arts District The Jersey City Powerhouse opened in 1908 as the power source for the rail lines under the river to New York where the PATH train now runs. It ceased to provide that function in 1929, and by the second half of the 20th century, the building was all but abandoned.

The 11 block area now known as the Powerhouse Arts District is seeing a resurgence of redevelopment and is making its debut as the creative darling of Jersey City. Powerhouse Arts District apartments are quickly becoming home to hundreds of up-and-coming artists - as a new generation of kindred spirits is calling this place home.

Nearby Notable Locations

A rough-hewn patina graces the streets, sidewalks, and facades of surrounding buildings. An echo of the past being brought back to life with artistic spirit and creative polish, residents will find themselves immersed in this recaptured state of grandeur.

Local businesses are reclaiming the rich history beneath their storefronts. The ever-growing selection of dining, nightlife, entertainment and shopping is engaging the new creative class eager to call Jersey City home.