Apartment Amenities / Observation Deck/Pool Deck/Fitness Center/Party Room/Chef's Table/Sports Parlor/Poker Room/Game Room/Kids Playroom/Spa Treatment Rooms

Top Shelf

No expense was spared in order to create an unparalleled environment at home. There’s a fitness center to keep active bodies in perpetual motion and a children’s room large enough to let imaginations run wild. A well-trained white glove service staff is also on call and at your service.

Step out onto the observation deck to take in the sweeping views of Manhattan. Swim in the rooftop pool and let your dreams sink in. Take over the party room and enjoy dinner with friends at the chef’s table. Or take a break from it all and steal yourself away in the sports parlor.

Observation Deck

Pool Deck

Fitness Center

Party Room

Chef's Table

Sauna and Spa Treatment Rooms

Game Room

Kid's Playroom

Screening Room